podzimni prochazka / autumn walk

westpac rescue heli
kousicek od parkoviste nas prekvapila westpac rescue helikoptera taky zrovna parkovala /
A short walk from the car park, we were surprised to see the westpac rescue helicopter also parking

mango on bridge
mango na ceste na maly ostruvek / mango on the path to the small island

ja na moste
a ja / and me

ja na ceste na ostruvek
a jeste jendou ja na moste, tam jsme se vubec pekne loudali bylo se na co divat /
And one more on the bridge, we took our time looking around.

la perouse
ocean krasne a silne vonel / Ocean smelling beautiful and strong

me and island
tady uz se hezky prochazim po ostuvku / Here I am strolling nicely on the island

ja a australie
a tady uz jsem skoro u naseho cile / Here we have almost reached our goal

pokracovani priste.. :) / To be continued.. :)


Anne said...

Lovely photos of you Kveta.
I hope you have a great time when you visit your family.
Love and Peace,
from Anne XX ♥

kveta said...

thankyou anne, nice to see you.. smile.. yes, i am here right now, enjoying my family friends and all. excelent cherries and strawberries etc.